🔎 < 2022 MYCE Road Map> 🔍

✍️Q1 :
- NFT Development
- Activation to the platform retention

✍️Q2 :
- Upgrading the system
- Expanding commerce functions and product

✍️Q3 :
- Advancement of token payment service
- Introduction of community service

✍️Q4 :
- Expanding the main-net and applying multi-chain
- Advancement of service platform



We issued MYCE Token, a coin that can be used throughout real life, to solve the limited use and opaque value of existing cryptocurrency. Most cryptocurrencies are pursuing technological differentiation, such as new consensus methods and their own entry into the mainnet, but it is true that there is still a lack of specific business models to prove the useful value of these new technologies. Therefore, MYCE tokens aim to increase the usefulness of cryptocurrency by differentiating business models that have not existed before, and to establish a business ecosystem in which an unspecified number of people participating in these business networks share value with each other.

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Currently building a platform where anyone can purchase/sell/search products related to various events